Hello, I’m Keeley. I’m all about stories; telling them, sharing them, being swept away by them. I’m a writer, artist, actor & filmmaker. I use art to make sense of the world and serve others with stories. Writing has long been my ally. When my world fell in and nothing made sense anymore, words and stories gave me comfort, hope and a ‘friend,’ for stories were my companions. Collectively we can join forces against the harsh dark of this world, sharing tales of triumph, hope and overcoming.

Here’s some cool stuff you should know:

Firstly, as I said, I have a short film that I’ve made just for you, sharing a story of overcoming abuse and divorce among other things. Watch that here. 

The film is part of a bigger project which includes an e-book and also an opportunity to share your story, so stay tuned for that.

I’m on instagram, where I share more pretty things to inspire and see the power of transformation in action.

Some great things on the way in 2018 so it’s a good idea to join the email list (scroll down) so you can be the first to know.

Bear hug.


This is my story, the documentary short ~ MANIFEST. With a focus on the good that can be manifested out of hardship, this documentary is an offering of hope, triumph and beauty among the ashes.

I’d just like to ask that if this resounds with you, or you think it may be meaningful to someone else, please share it. Even if just in a message to someone who may need to hear a story of hope. That would mean so much to me.

Married to a man with movie star looks and the heart of a hero. He’s the reason doing this work is even possible.

(Image courtesy of Thorson Photography.)

Mum to Ben. He’s 10 and nearly taller than me, as he reminds me daily. He’s creative and crazy and wonderful.

Doggos: Eve, {rescue greyhound, 2 years, a bit vague} Holly, {whippet, 3 years, a bit insane}  We also have a foster greyhound, Harvey, who is waiting for his forever home.

Obsessed with house-y magazines, books and various kinds of tea. I also have a mound of random cardboard boxes that I keep coz they’re pretty/might be useful/cool shape. Because.

I almost always have paint on me – on my clothes, in my hair, on my nails – like over the actual nail polish.

I write from Australia’s capital, Canberra. REPRESENT.