I made this in 2013 but the message is still good. Even though it says Christmas ’13 I’m sure you can make it work for this year. This was the last thing my laptop let me make before it died dramatically. Promise next year I’ll do something different. 🙂 This xmas tree was also a DIY a number of years ago. Still love it.

Hope you have a wonderful christmas!



~ c h r i s t m a s ~ from Keeley Rees on Vimeo.


Here’s the written poem in case you’d like to read it.


Presents and baubles and sparkles surround,

well-wishers, merry-makers and greeters abound.


Way too much food, and parties galore,

yet I can’t help but feel

perhaps there is more.


Each to their own, believe what you will

but for me,

christmas comes down to

the ancient story still.


This day is one I can choose to remember,

the birthday of one – the 25th of December.


One who leaned close,

one who loved first.

One who chose our load:



We’re rescued, redeemed,

beyond measure we’re loved.

And there’s a chance what you know of Him,

is actually messed up.


There’s hope and there’s joy

it’s not all just a show.

You’re loved and you’re purposed,

wanted you to know.


So! A merry christmas from me to you.

I hope a seasonal feast is awaiting you.

Remember to reach out to those on their own,

or those who are struggling more than you’d know.


Enjoy time with family, all ’round the tree

and all that yummy food

in your bell-y.


Keep the focus on people,

not all the fuss.

And know above presents, what our kids want –

is us.


I hope Christmas ’13 is oh so merry

and bright

and may all your christmases

be filled with light.

copyright Keeley Rees