This for the overlooked collection of creatives that have their heart in the arena yet see no real impact or results. They’re hustling, doing all the ‘right’ things, but never see the breakthrough they’re after.  At the moment ‘hustle’ is a misguided movement or philosophy if you will, that success only comes to those that work super hard. But this is, quite frankly, bogus. It suggests that the level of hustle directly equates to the level of success. And that’s just not true. We all know outrageously talented, tenacious humans who are pursuing dreams with all the hustle they’ve got, and have only seen an inch of success. Then there are others who have their big break only months after beginning their ‘hustle’ or even, first go.  Yes, dreams do require work and some success is well won and hard earned. But not always. For some, they get their breakthrough without ever really having to fight.

This isn’t for them. This is for those whose heart has been broken in the journey. You’ve hustled your heart out. You’ve worked. Put yourself out there over and over again. Year after year you’ve sought to improve your craft, trained, worked with the best, had opportunities put right in front to your face, only to have them pulled away again like some sort of horrible dangling dream carrot. It’s painful. I’m sorry.

In the movie Revolutionary Road, Kate Winslet’s character says:

‘I saw a whole other future – and I can’t stop seeing it.’

Her character gives in to despair. She never let herself see (or dream) a new future. I can understand how someone can get to that point. I was devastated when I moved away from my ‘big dream’. I believed it was what I was called to do with all my heart. When I let that dream go I didn’t know what to ‘see’ ahead anymore, I didn’t know what I was aiming for. But now I can say that stepping aside from that big dream and putting the energy into something else has brought freedom and opened new realms of opportunity and inspiration.

If this article resounds with you, I’d like to invite you to do some gentle soul searching and see a new future ahead of you:

evaluate your motivation.

Do you want your work to bring you fame or success to be able to influence for good– is that truly your motivation, or is it the fame part that you’re truly striving for? Because there are other ways to influence for good and fame is so not the answer. If it was, some of our celebrities would be spending 72 million on medical care in third world countries, rather than on their third wedding.

dream sideways.

Take it in a new direction. This is not about settling for something that doesn’t light your heart up – but looking again. What else are you good at? What else have you always wanted to try but shooshed away?


Are you outrunning the words of others? The ‘you can’t-ers’ the ‘you will never-ers’, the one’s that laughed? Are you trying to prove them wrong? Go on, be honest. If their voice is a strong reason you continue on this worn track, then your motivation is off and you need to regroup. And by the way – they’re wrong, you know. It may not look the way you thought it would, but you’re a raging success against those who never even tried.

understand you haven’t failed.

You’re not a failed actor/artist/singer –whatever. Success doesn’t always favour those who deserve it; it’s unjust and fickle.

My friend – don’t lose heart. There is more for you. Especially these days with the world changing the way it is, technology is creating new jobs and opportunities all the time. There truly are so many new things to dream of. There is a new future to see. Please choose to see it.