hey friend,

I hope this finds you well.

I’ve been in the garden a lot lately, it’s lovely outside with the sunshine turning up more often these days. The blossoms disappeared too quickly, as always. But I so enjoyed them while they were here. The days are warming and lengthening and I feel the winter freeze melting away for its travels elsewhere in the world. It seems the perfect time to sit here and write to you, share a little of my story and what I’m doing in this online space.

Looking back it’s as though the first 2 thirds of my life were stuck in a winter season of its own, I’ve only been living in a kind of ‘spring season’ recently.  Here’s an accurate representation of my journey:

Somewhere in all that jumble my mind became more of an enemy, than an ally. I’ve fought against wrong thoughts and beliefs about myself in a battle that nearly took my life. It’s been an invisible war in some respects, and public and vulnerable in others.

As I unravelled my mind from the web of trauma, I had to work damn hard to reclaim my mind, my thoughts and any sense of value. I had to fight.

Life is so incredibly different now.

Occasionally I still have to deal with hideous gremlins that re-grow their heads and have more than 9 lives, fighting once again old beliefs and untruths. But the war has shifted. The battle has trained me to not only fight for myself, but now for others too. And I’ve learned ‘fighting’ doesn’t always look like war. Sometimes it looks like rest. Or friendship. Or laughter. So I’m here to share stories & to help point to the beauty, the good, the light.

i’m working on a few things for you:

Firstly, I have a short film that I’ve made just for you, sharing a story of overcoming abuse and divorce among other things. I’ll release a trailer and a few sneak peeks soon.

An e-course on transformation is also in development.

I’m on instagram, where I share more pretty things to inspire and see the power of transformation in action.

And of course, sending you letters here.

You can also join the email list, so you can keep in the loop among other things (subscriber discounts anyone?)

Looking forward to connecting with you as we’re out on this journey together.


p.s ~ Am on no sleep. Starting to feel a bit vampire-ish. Can’t wait to sleep again once this film is done.