CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK – I have become successfully useless many times, just by applying this technique. If the opposite result is desired, we have to do the opposite: put the opinions of others to the side. And honestly, who knows how many days we have on this planet? Our years are short – focus on doing the work and remove the approval of others out of your self talk and get it done.


HANG WITH THE ‘WRONG’ PEOPLE – you know the ones. The ‘Frenemies’ (saboteurs disguised as friends) the toxic entanglements of mutual dysfunction. If you help serve the part of them that makes them feel good by staying below what you are capable of and not moving forward, then they are not your people. Mentally hug them, send them all the best blessings and run. True friends support your success – your dreams coming true are their dreams coming true. You do not exist to be an ego feeder by staying small so others feel better about themselves – respect yourself more than that. This goes for family too – although with family it may involve boundary building, rather than exiting the relationship altogether.


COMPARE anything about yourself or your life with anyone. Ever. My goodness, we are so lucky, so privileged. Most of us have a home to stay in, food in the fridge, and a freedom that others are dying to know themselves. There will always be people who are better off, had an easier start in life, more money, more attractive, popular, supported. Go back to point 1 and take it one step further – be grateful. 


TRY TO MAKE IT PERFECT – just one more thing….just one more thing…just one more thing. PUT THE THING DOWN IT’S OVER, MAN. GET IT OUT THERE. It’s NEVER going to be perfect. NEVER. You don’t have time to waste on perfect – get going and do the best work you can.


WAIT ‘TIL YOU FEEL LIKE IT. Hahaha. Good one. Let me know how that goes. Next. (Hmm. Also, I should probably apply that advice to my doing the dishes. Dammit.)


LISTEN TO THE FEAR – probably the most common and easiest way to be entirely useless -get afraid and stay there. It’s ok to be afraid, if you’re stepping out to do something new it’s part of the package unfortunately. But, dear friend, we’ve already wasted so much time on fear haven’t we?  Fear doesn’t have to paralyse us, even if we have to make that choice to not give into it a million times a day.  Mel Robbins (*my best friend & internet mum) explains that our brain and our body respond the same way to both excitement and fear, so if we replace the thought ‘I’m afraid’ with ‘I’m excited’ it’s easier to respond with positive action. Try that next time fear shows up. Also, see point 10.

(*Don’t ask her about me though, she’ll probably act like she has no idea who I am.)


START ALL THE THINGS – at once? Really? Option 2: be focused and do one thing, do it well, avoiding overwhelm and burnout. Good plan!


FOCUS ON DUMB, INCONSEQUENTIAL STUFF – self explanatory. Put your energy into things that matter to you.


TREAT YOUR BODY LIKE CRAP – community announcement: sleep is good. Vegetables are mostly tolerable. Caffeine is not a substitute for water.


BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK – your brain can be a bit of a buttmunch. It’s not always on your side, it’s filled with thoughts, memories and all kinds of crap pathways that sound true to you, but aren’t. Don’t just accept what your brain is telling you, mindlessly. (Lol, pun.) Think of monitoring your thoughts and self talk like tuning into your brain as though it’s a radio or a TV. ‘Flick the channel’ (think about something else) if it’s playing something that’s not getting you any closer to your goal, or worse – sending you backwards.

You’re welcome.


p.s ~ I’m really loving using Coffitivity while I work. Good substitute for my fave writing cafe.